Thank you to Rick Miller-Harraway of Catholic Charities who spoke at all of our masses a few weeks back about the importance of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal and of our parish’s role in the success of the BAA. We have a high annual BAA goal and the Diocese of Raleigh relies on the generosity of our Franciscan community in meeting the needs of the diocese. The BAA continues –for those who have already contributed, we say thank you. If you have not yet pledged, we ask that you please consider making a BAA pledge in the coming weeks.

Thank you as well to all who have contributed toward a new roof for our church. Our estimate for the roof is around $100k, and we have received more than $80k toward that project. We do have a reserve maintenance fund built into our church budget, and the funds we are raising toward the roof allow us to use those reserve maintenance funds for other projects. And an update as well on water conservation: as a Franciscan community, the environment is important to us.

St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of the environment. Francis had a deep love for the created world – the sun, stars, earth, sky, water, flowers, birds – all mediated to him a sense of God’s loving presence. With our Franciscan charism in mind, over the past few weeks our facilities staff has modified 90% of our water faucets with an insert that conserves water by slowing the flow. Thank you to one of our parishioners who helped with this project.

And finally, this beautiful and honest quote about prayer I recently found, from a Presbyterian clergywoman in Kansas named Loretta Ross-Gotta: “Sometimes I do not know what prayer is beyond the long worn rag of human longing waved toward the heavens like a tattered flag. Today I think prayer has to do with putting down one foot after the other upon this earth, while being honest with ourselves and God about our limitations.”

Blessings on your week!

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