A few weeks ago I wrote about the financial “asks” that we have here at St. Francis, and the reason why we have these “asks.” One of the things we learned from our parish survey was that we need to do a better job  communicating information about our finances here. St. Francis, of course, is a major operation. We have an annual budget of over $10 million which supports the parish, school, and preschool. In addition to these operations, we also have obligations toward the Diocese of Raleigh and toward Holy Name Province, the Franciscan province to which the friars here belong.

We are now in the time of year in which we look to our obligation toward the Diocese of Raleigh – the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. Our parish is sometimes referred to as “Franciscan” in the sense that it’s a parish that has been served by Franciscan friars for more than thirty years. But St. Francis is a parish of the Diocese of Raleigh – we friars serve here at the good will of the bishop. We do not live on our own Franciscan island; we are part of the
greater whole of this diocese. That is why the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is so important for us.

Our talented staff has put together a video for the BAA which describes the way our own parish connects with the Diocese of Raleigh. And next weekend, we welcome Rick Miller-Harraway, regional coordinator for Catholic Charities, who will speak about the importance of the BAA in funding the ongoing operations of Catholic Charities. As always, we ask for your support in reaching our 2018 BAA goal of $509,000. We friars, as always,
have made our own pledge as well.

An update on the parish survey we conducted in November/ December: we have a committee of people who are looking at the survey results, and we are looking for patterns or trends in the results we received back. We will keep you informed as to what we find and whatever next steps we see happening. And on this Super Bowl Sunday – blessings on your week!

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