A quick movie recommendation – last night at the Raleigh Grande, with its assigned, reclining, I-may-fall-asleep-if-this-chair-tilts-back-even-further seating, a new movie called “Hostiles.”  Set in the American West in 1892, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana and all those wide open spaces, and the story of an American captain who is ordered to escort a Cheyenne Indian and his family to Montana, and he doesn’t want to do it because they share a violent past with each other, and the story of their journey north and what they encounter along the way.  It asks, in some way, who really are the hostiles?  In what way are we asked to look inside our own souls at our actions and motives?  And when we encounter someone else, someone different, along the way, what possibilities of reconciliation and peace might emerge?  Franciscan, in that sense.  Well worth seeing!

Fr. Steve

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