Many thanks to all who returned gifts from the Advent giving trees over these past few weeks. The response has been deeply gratifying and gets past the issues that so often divide our culture in these days. Where we stand on health care, on migrants and refugees, on the poor and homeless, on pro-life questions – all of this, over the past few weeks in our stewardship center, is left behind as there appear gifts for a refugee family from the Congo, or a package of diapers for a new mother, or a scarf and new gloves for a homeless woman, or a basketball for a 9-year-old boy at Duke Hospital. Where we stand on the issue gives way to a particular person, and perhaps that is something that we can reflect on this Advent: in what guise does the hidden Christ appear in our midst?

A word on our parish survey and planning process: thank you to all who have responded and beginning in the new year we will have information on what we have heard and how we will move forward. Thank you as well to all who have responded to the letter recently sent out asking for financial assistance toward a new roof for our church. Please see a copy of the letter on page 12 of this bulletin.

Please note, as well, our schedule for the Fourth Sunday of Advent and for Christmas Eve, coming up next weekend. The Mass schedule for the Fourth Sunday of Advent will be Saturday December 23 at 5:30pm and Sunday December 24 at 7:30am and 9:30am. Please note there will NOT be an 11:30 Mass on Sunday December 24.

Then, it will be a quick change to Christmas Eve on the afternoon of December 24, and you can find the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day schedule on the cover of this bulletin.

Blessings on your week!

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