The Summons

Will you come and follow me if I but call your name?
Will you go where you don’t know And never be the same?
Will you let my love be shown,
Will you let my name be know,
Will you let my life be grown IN you and you in me?

The above is the first verse of the song The Summons by John L. Bell. It is number 700 in our hymnals, if you would like to read (or sing) the entire song. This particular verse has been dancing through my head for the last couple of weeks. The simple beauty of the words perfectly articulates what I know to be true about our faith and stewardship. If we engage Christ right here – right now – our lives will  “never be the same.”

Stewardship is not an option – and I am not just referring to the treasure part. I am talking about turning ourselves out and lovingly sharing ourselves with the world. As Franciscans and as Catholics, we are called to practice a life that liberates us to act as disciples of Christ – Stewardship is key to this practice – sharing what we are with all people – our talents, our time and our treasure….

Stewardship makes opportunities for us to see and love the Christ in each other. Stewardship makes a way to BUILD GODS KINGDOM HERE TODAY.

Stewardship is THE WAY to life. In 1999, I began the Arts for Justice Ministry. In 2004, Megan Nerz and I created from this ministry The Justice Theater Project, a company that uses the arts to encourage discourses regarding important issues of social concern. The first show of the company was “A Lesson
Before Dying” by Ernest Gaines and adapted by Romulus Linney.  I selected this production because I felt it would perpetuate a necessary conversation regarding the use of the death penalty here in our state. The experience of the show for many, who witnessed it, did just that. We began to talk

Just recently, I took on the role as the Director of Stewardship here at St Francis, our faith home, where we practice our faith together as family. I hope that you will join me in sharing your time and talents. In fact, I encourage you to seek me out and discuss the many ways that we can make life that places Christ IN you and Christ IN me.

Lets answer The Summons together.

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