Last weekend we celebrated the Body and Blood of Christ and here are some images of what that has looked like here over the past week or so: our annual summer Mercy camp, in which our teenagers go off on a kind of mission to different parts of Raleigh, learning about issues such as race, poverty, and hunger. I went to visit them one day at Passage Home, in Southeast Raleigh, where they had been divided into groups and walked around the neighborhood and visited a community garden, where they learned about what it means to live in a food desert – a food desert is a place where there is no grocery store within two miles.

Another image: a group of parishioners who welcomed a refugee family from the Congo, and learning that the family has lived in a refugee camp for 20 years, that the father moved into that camp when he was 12 years old, and that all the children were born there. Members of our parish welcomed them, helped furnish their apartment, and took them to a local Food Lion (where, I am told, they were astounded by the vast amount of options!). Also, importantly, we prayed for the family during mass last weekend, a reminder that there are many ways to be “involved” in ministry. What does the Body of Christ look like? It looks like the people of God (which is all of us), gathered around the table of the Lord on Sunday, remembering the words of Jesus from the Last Supper, saying “Amen” to that, and going out and being that body of Christ in our own time, our own place. It’s happening here!

A note of thanks as well to all who contributed to the new siding work on the friary, which has been completed. One day last week a young child with his family walked by after mass and said, “God lives there!”

Blessings on your week!


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