Many thanks to all who have responded to our call to meet our 2017 Bishop’s Annual Appeal goal. On Sunday, March 19 I made my scheduled phone call to the diocese to give an update on how we are doing, and was able to report that we have been making good progress. Our numbers as of last weekend were 65% of our goal and 24% parish participation, and both of those numbers were rising steadily throughout the week. A few people have asked where they can bring their BAA pledge cards – you are welcome to mail them to us, place them in the basket at the offertory, or drop them off with a staff person either during the week or on a weekend. Even if you are not able to pledge a lot, all pledges are helpful and important to the success of the BAA.

You will recall that in January we showed a video which showed the many ways that St. Francis is connected to the wider Diocese of Raleigh. Also, in February, I made a road trip to visit a parish in Ahoskie NC which is almost completely supported by BAA funds and saw firsthand the good work of BAA funds in poor communities.

As a reminder – St. Francis does not stand alone as an island within the diocese; we have an important responsibility to the success of the diocese. We are a diocesan parish that is served by the Franciscan friars at the will of the bishop. It is therefore very important that we, the people of St. Francis, do all we can to reach our goal. We friars have made a $2,000 pledge toward its success. Again, any pledge you are able to make, large or small is helpful.

Thank you for considering!

One day last week, a young pre-school student, was leaving school with her mother; when I asked her how school went that day, she gave me a thumbs-up, and then, after a pause, called after me and said “Two thumbs up!” A reminder that both our school and preschool are treasures that add much life to St. Francis, and that if you are interested in either, contact the schools directly for more information.

Blessings on your week!


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