Last weekend was the kickoff for our 2017 Bishop’s Annual Appeal and once again it is very important that our parish do all it can to reach our goal of $511,000. Last weekend at all masses we showed a video, produced in-house by our very own Diogenes Ruiz, which featured members of our parish and staff speaking about the important link between St. Francis and the wider Diocese of Raleigh.

We sometimes hear people say, we’re a Franciscan parish. We are a parish that is named after St. Francis and a parish that for the past 30 years has been served by Franciscan friars. You know us by our brown robes. In a sense it’s accurate to say that we’re a Franciscan parish, but it’s not entirely true. We are, in fact, a diocesan parish, and this one, St. Francis, is served by Franciscans at the will of the bishop. We don’t stand alone. We are part of a greater whole. We have a responsibility and an obligation to the Diocese of Raleigh. And so we ask that you please consider the importance of St. Francis to the Diocese of Raleigh, and consider making a pledge to this year’s appeal. Thank you!

I want to give an update on the letter we sent out in November asking for funds for the exterior renovation of the friary. We raised nearly $80,000 which will cover the quotes we received to do the work. We expect to begin the work sometime in March-April. Many thanks to all who contributed. Also an update on the request for funds we made at the end of 2015 for new signs on our Leesville Rd. frontage: we raised nearly $30,000 for that which covers most of the work and we expect the signs to be installed sometime within the next few months. Many thanks to all who contributed to that.

Finally, this Sunday after the 11:30 mass our Franciscan School and our St. Francis of Assisi Preschool are hosting an Open House. All are invited to attend.

Blessings on your week!


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