Some year-end words from Trevor Thompson about our Advent Giving Tree from earlier in December: “Along with helping many organizations in our area, we also were able to help a number of parish families here at St. Francis who are going through a transition in their lives. One of those families said to me, in receiving their gifts, overflowing with emotion, ‘I just can’t believe the generosity of this parish. This community of faith is unbelievable. I will be pay it forward in the future, I promise. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.’

A special thank you to our many ministry coordinators and parishioner Janet Smolenski for coordinating this drive for the parish.”As I write this before deadline it’s five days before Christmas and the Christmas tree for the church arrived just this morning, and in the early afternoon, a truckload of poinsettias. Later in the week the Nativity will be set up. The church is especially beautiful in the evening when the tree is lit, and the devotional candles in the side niches flicker in the dark. As you read this, it’s New Year’s weekend with its promise of a new year.

Thanks to all who have helped over the years to make St. Francis a light that shines in our part of North Raleigh.

Blessings in the new year!



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