The recent election was the most divisive in memory. In light of the election, I share with you a statement from our provincial office in New York: “As Franciscan friars who are living within the United States, we have a role in advancing a renewed sense of unity in our nation. We have been called to follow Jesus Christ in the footsteps of Francis and Clare in a manner that reflects our fundamental disposition to welcome all people as our brothers and sisters. We must be healers and reconcilers in the midst of fracture and divisions. Our nations needs our prayers, our witness, and our voice. Accepting the challenge to be healers and reconcilers demands that we first listen to and learn from the experience of those who have been excluded. Because of their profound pain, we must never rush to apply easy fixes that cover real problems with a superficial unity. Nor must we ever close our eyes and ears to the call of the marginalized and vulnerable. Rather, as true healers and reconcilers, we must help to bind their wounds by standing in solidarity with the vulnerable and with those whose human dignity may be at risk. These sisters and brothers of ours must know that we are with them and for them.”

Blessings on your week!


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