Bishop Burbidge recently asked the parishes of the diocese to pray together the peace prayer of St. Francis, which begins “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace….” On a recent Thursday morning, a member of our staff sent out an email to other staff with those opening words of the prayer. Within a few minutes, another staff member filled in the next line of the prayer, “where there is hatred, let me sow love.” Within a few minutes after that, another staff member filled in the next line, “where there is injury, pardon.” And on from there, through the different lines of the peace prayer. Later in the day, there was a notice on the door of our gym asking groups to pray the peace prayer together. It all began with a single act. And from there, who knows how or in what ways it might take root in our lives?

The prayer begins by addressing God: it’s you, Lord, who give us the grace. From there, it asks that I be the one who is changed – make me an instrument of your peace. Let it be me who, in this fractured and divided world, initiates the gesture of peace. We invite you to pray the peace prayer of St. Francis in your own homes and to let the words linger with you.

On these especially hot and humid summer days, sometimes the best thing is to escape to an air-conditioned movie theater for a matinee. And so it was one afternoon I went to see “Free State of Jones,” set in Mississippi during the Civil War and after, and which gives a good history lesson on life in the former Confederate states in the years immediately after the war, and especially on the struggle for integration for former slaves. Not always easy to watch, but worth seeing.

Last weekend we welcomed Fr. Dan Grigassy who presided at two masses, and this weekend and next we welcome Fr. Larry Anderson, who works in campus ministry at Siena college. We’re grateful for both Dan and Larry for their help this summer.

Blessings on your week!


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