In light of what seems an endless spin of recurring violence in our world, we friars last week received a statement from our provincial minister, Fr. Kevin Mullen, in New York. I share part of that statement below: “We, Franciscan friars, must recognize that the current context of our world has a profound impact upon the way we choose to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the 21st century. Now more than ever, we must choose peace and we must witness to the value of non-violence. We must see ourselves first and foremost as instruments of peace, healing, and reconciliation. We are called to be bridge-builders. We enter into the midst of the ignorance, fear, and hatred, and we offer a different response — not an “eye-for-an eye” or a “get even” type of response, but rather an alternate approach that walks in the midst of suffering, injustice, pain, and death and calls out in a non-violent voice for understanding, dialogue, healing, justice, mercy and peaceful resolutions.”

As part of the Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network, our parish recently hosted homeless families who stayed here for a week. One night I stopped in while they were having dinner. Volunteers had prepared macaroni and cheese, chicken, and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies (which I could not resist sampling). The families, adults and children were seated at tables in Clare Fellowship Hall for dinner and were joined by members of St. Francis. All in all, it was a beautiful witness to hospitality and thank you to those who helped during that week.

Fr. David continues to recover very nicely from his knee replacement surgery and is grateful for the prayers and cards he has received.

Blessings on your week!


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