We live in a culture that seems more and more defined by conflict and opposition. Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Conservative or liberal? Where do you stand on this issue or that issue? And how do you talk about where you stand? One of the issues we hear a lot about, especially in the church, is “life” – are you pro-life? What does it mean to be pro-life? A helpful term is “consistent ethic of life.” This means that we uphold the value of human life at all stages and this ethic informs the teachings of the Catholic Church and also the Prayers of the Faithful we hear on Sunday;  about abortion, the death penalty, care of the sick and disabled, health care, euthanasia, poverty, war, and anything that has to do with the well-being and dignity of the human person.

I found the following reflection from “Still in the Storm:Reflections for Engaging Spirituality” by Jim Grant: “What could it mean to be a presence that reconciles the contradictions that rumble around and within us: contention in our homes; competition between neighbor and nation;conflict with the forces of nature that sustain us? A reconciler gathers up and holds together, always on the lookout for what we hold in common. By your very presence, your way of being here, you can affirm that compassion and not competition reflects our deepest (God-given) heart’s desire.”

Many of you know that Fr. David recently had his right knee replaced. David is recovering well and is grateful for the cards and prayers.

For the next three weekends, we will have visiting friars at our Sunday masses. Next weekend we welcome Fr. Dan Grigassy. Dan taught liturgy to both Steve K. and I when we were studying theology in Washington D.C. and we’re glad that he’ll be spending some time with us.

  1. Later in July we will welcome Fr. Larry Anderson who currently works in campus ministry at Siena College(where Fr. Mark Reamer is now).

Blessings on your week!



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