Congratulations to all the children who made their first communion last weekend and this weekend and thank you to all our faith formation staff and parents who helped make the days go well. The banners hanging in the gathering space were new this year, and looked beautiful. I met with some of the kids beforehand and they were both excited and a little bit nervous, all completely understandable on such a big day. Fr. Steve Kluge, in his homily, read from a book called I’ll Never Let You Go, and added his own words at the end:


On the day that you were baptized Jesus whispered in your ear, through days of sun and rain and snow I will never let you go. So every time you eat His body in this bread divine and drink His blood in this holy wine, it’s then you will remember that Jesus Christ will never, ever let you go.”

A quick word on our BAA: we are still short of our goal, and if you have been considering making a pledge and just haven’t gotten around to it, please fill out the pledge card and return it to us here at St. Francis. We are counting on your support. Congratulations once again to our young friends who now join us at the table and blessings on your week!


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