I have been reading through a collection of the talks that Pope Francis gave while he was in the United States last fall and the texts have been compiled in a book that is titled The Allure of Goodness and Love. Certainly our pope has been living out the title of that book by his constant gospel witness in his travels throughout the world. Last week he visited a migrant camp off the coast of Greece, and brought back to the Vatican twelve Muslim refugees from Syria. In his words, he appealed for empathy: “We hope that the world will heed these scenes of tragic and indeed desperate need, and respond in a way worthy of our common humanity.”


There is a photograph of the pope with the refugees, who tell stories about what it was like to flee the violence and turmoil of their homeland in search of a new life. The pope said “All refugees are children of God.” A beautiful, generous gesture from our beloved pope – blessings on your week!




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