New carpeting in the church

You may have noticed this past week that we have a new carpet in the church. It was quite a thing to see it all happen. Workers came in the week before, unbolted all the pews and stacked them in rows along the edges of the church, set down the new carpet, and then bolted the pews back into place. It was all set to go just in time for the weekend. This past week they were back to finish up some details in the church and also to install new carpeting in the gathering space, the stewardship center, some hallways, and some offices. Most of the funding for the new carpeting came from a year-end request from December of last year. The old carpeting lasted almost twenty years and was original to our current worship space. Thank you to all who contributed.

We have sad news which I repeat from last week’s bulletin. You may have heard that Fr. Bill McConville, who has been here at St. Francis since September of 2001, will be moving to Immaculate Conception Church in Durham. Bill will be starting there soon, at the beginning of September. Bill will be taking the place of a friar at IC who is moving to Macon, Georgia to become pastor of a church there. We are not expecting another friar to take Bill’s place. Next weekend is Bill’s last weekend at St. Francis and he will be preaching at all the masses. We will have a reception for him after the 11:30 mass on Sunday, August 30, in Clare Fellowship Hall. Bill of course will be close by in Durham, but we will still miss him greatly: his sense of humor, his preaching, his overall presence.

School started up here this week, a signal that summer will soon give way to fall.

Blessings on your week!

Fr. Steve

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