A little break on a Sunday night as I step away from ESPN and the Red Sox-Tigers game….this past week I finished reading a book called Prayer: Our Deepest Longing by Ronald Rolheiser. It’s a short book, only 70 pages. Here’s an excerpt from the preface: “Spirituality is as real as science. But that is not easy to understand or believe. We live in a world where what is real has been reduced to what is physical, to what can be empirically measured, seen, touched, tasted, and smelled. We live in a world that is for the most part spiritually tone-deaf, where all the goods are in the store window, digitized, or reduced to a flat screen. And so, prayer is a struggle. So are a lot of other things. When the surface is all there is, it is hard to be enchanted by anything, to see depth, to be deeply touched by poetry, faith, and love. But these are what we long for: depth, poetry, faith, love.”

This book is an easy read. It begins with a chapter called Struggling in Prayer and my guess is that’s what a lot of us often face when we make time for prayer. If you have fallen away from a prayer life, are just beginning, or are already acquainted with prayer, this is a nice little volume, filled with wisdom. The author has another book called The Holy Longing (available in the parish library, Anthony Hall Room 403) which is a very good book about Christian spirituality – both of these books come highly recommended.

Blessings on your week!

Fr. Steve


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