It’s the time of year that school is winding down. Our preschool finished a little over a week ago and this past Friday was the last day for grades K-7. We had graduations here for the Franciscan School 8th grade and also the Baccalaureate Mass for Cardinal Gibbons. Best wishes and blessings for all of our graduates and thank you to the staff and teachers of both our school and preschool for their dedication and commitment to our students.

I was honored to receive an invitation from the 1st grade class to be the “Star of the Week” recently. They were full of questions for me: Where were you born? What’s your favorite food? (chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream on the side – at least on that day), Favorite animal? Favorite book? They are a fun group and I encouraged them to keep reading and to stay curious.

DSC_1077The Franciscan School had its annual Social Justice fair on Friday, May 29. There was a lot going on. Students could walk around and learn from a variety of presenters, including Catholic Parish Outreach, which feeds the hungry in Raleigh; an immigration attorney who spoke about the experience of migrants in the U.S.; Feed the Need, a ministry based right here at St. Francis that provides meals for people who are going through difficult times; Justice Theater Project, which puts on plays that deal with justice and peace issues; St. Francis Inn, the soup kitchen in Philadelphia where I used to work before I came here last year; and many others. Many thanks to all who helped to organize the fair and to the presenters.

Many of you have come to know Jules Weber who has worked in both our school and our parish over the past several years. Jules will be moving on from St. Francis to pursue graduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. You will still see her around, as she serves as a lector at mass and has children at our school and our family formation program. I want to say thank you to Jules for her work over the years and for helping me in my first year transition at St. Francis. We wish her the best as she moves on to continue her studies.

Finally, my parents are visiting this weekend, arriving on Saturday and leaving on Sunday for a road trip to Charleston SC where they have never been. It feels like summer has arrived.

Blessings on your week!

Fr. Steve

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