Well, spring now seems to be here for sure as the temperatures are rising and the leaves and buds are blooming all around us, and some especially brilliant purples and whites and yellows on the trees these days. The word from up North is there’s still snow in some backyards, like in my hometown, where my parents tell me that, in the shady areas, there’s still up to a foot of snow. But that can’t last too much longer because Opening Day at Fenway is on Monday, against the Washington Nationals, and so the sky has to be blue, with a slight wind blowing out toward left field, and ideal temperatures around 65 or so.

On Easter Sunday last week, after the 9:30 mass in the gym, I met some people from my home town, Burlington. Their daughter was with them, and she and I were in elementary school together back in the 1970s. Who knows who we’ll end up meeting on the way?

Last Sunday of course was Easter, my first here. I have to say, we could not have done it without the help of a large cast of volunteers and staff who made everything go smoothly. So thank you to everyone who helped from the parking lot all the way to the church.

Blessings on your week!

Fr. Steve

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