Fr Steve KWe continue to welcome our new Fr. Steve to St. Francis. Steve made his debut at the community mass on March 4. Later that day, one of the Kindergarten teachers presented me with “The Franciscan School’s Guide to Having 2 Fr. Steves”, a binder with helpful hints on telling us apart, written by the Kindergarten Students of Room 504. Some of those hints include: “One Fr. Steve is good at math and one is not.” with one caption reading “2+2=4” and the other reading “2+2=5.” Another hint is “One Fr. Steve has a lot of hair and one Fr. Steve has a little hair.” (which one is that?). “One Fr. Steve is old and one Fr. Steve is young” (no comment there); and, one is from Massachusetts and one is from New Jersey. The binder ends with a “Welcome to St. Francis!” We are all thrilled that Steve K. is here with us as part of our friar community.

CPOOver the past few weeks St. Francis participated in a food drive for Catholic Parish Outreach. We received a thank you letter from CPO that stated that our parish donated 9,631 pounds of food and $5,210 to that outreach effort. The letter also indicated that CPO supports 11,000 people every month, so our donations go a long way in helping to support people who are hungry in Raleigh. Thank you to all who helped with that food drive.

2015 BAAWe have been receiving regular updates from the diocese about our BAA goal and as of last week, St. Francis was almost halfway to our goal of $488,000. If you have already made your 2015 BAA pledge, we thank you. If you have not yet pledged, please consider making a pledge. We four friars talked about the importance of the BAA for the diocese and made our own contribution. We ask that you please consider doing the same.

A few weeks ago some of our parishioners spent the week at St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia. See highlights of their trip in this week’s bulletin. This weekend I am at St. Francis Inn, visiting friends and taking in the city.

Blessings to all on your week!

Fr. Steve

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