This weekend we welcome Marc and Theresa Graham who are co-chairs of the 2015 Bishop’s Annual Appeal. They will be speaking at all the masses in support of the BAA. A few weeks ago, Marc, Theresa, and I , along with a few others from St. Francis, attended one of the kickoff dinners at St. Thomas More in Chapel Hill, where we viewed the BAA video. The theme of this year’s BAA is In the Name of Jesus. In the video, we saw examples of the ways in which the BAA supports important diocesan programs. Catholic Charities, for example, relies heavily on BAA support. Through the video, we saw many ways in which Catholic Charities provides vital services     to people in need throughout eastern North Carolina.

The people of St. Francis have always been generous in their support of the BAA and I ask that you respond with generosity this year as well. Our goal this year is $488,661. Thank you to Marc and Theresa. Next week, we will welcome a seminarian from the diocese, James Magee, who will speak about his experience of studying for the priesthood, something that the BAA supports as well.

A glimpse into the world of our kindergarten students: The students were packing bags of food to give away to those in need, when a student named Sophia said, with a thoughtfulness beyond her years, “We’re doing it because we’re passing part of Jesus on to someone else.” There’s a whole course in theology contained in just those words from young Sophia. What a gift our school is to our community!

My parents sent me a photograph last week of our driveway in Burlington, MA after a morning of snow. The result looked familiar from my years there: 2 feet of snow with drifts going even higher, a total of 26.3 inches overall. I could see outlines of cars covered under the snow. Dad was getting the snow blower ready. They asked, “What’s it like in North Carolina?” My reply, “You even need to ask?” Although sometimes I do miss those big winter storms.

Blessings to all on your week!

Fr. Steve

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