This past week was Catholic Schools Week, and both our school and pre-school hosted an Open House. It was impressive to see the students themselves greeting new families, and on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to see many families arriving and touring both of our schools. Students were encouraged to pose for selfies with friars, so as I made my way around the campus I stopped a few times for those. In my time in both schools, it’s been impressive for me to see the level of engagement and commitment, and a certain spirit that reflects something of St. Francis himself. Our schools are in good hands. If you’re looking for a school for your child, I encourage you to look into them.

HockeyI had another one of those moments last week, while over in the gym to meet with someone. I saw that there was a hockey game going on. The coach saw me watching and invited me to pick up a hockey stick. Suddenly, I was transported back to Fox Hill Road in Burlington MA, twelve years old with my Bobby Orr model hockey stick with the plastic blade that we used to curve over the stove   (kids don’t try that at home). The fifth graders were gracious to invite me to play. I couldn’t resist. The Super Bowl of course is this Sunday and as a Patriots fan I will be watching closely. Seems pretty even at this point, as I write this one week ahead of time.

Sometimes people say to me, “How’s the transition going?” Overall, it has gone well, though it has been a major change from working at a soup kitchen in Philadelphia to a large parish like St. Francis and I realize that it will simply take time for me to really learn things here. I think maybe that’s the hard part. In the meantime, thank you to all for the ongoing warm welcome I have received. I feel like I’m a part of a vital and engaged parish.

Blessings on your week!

Fr. Steve

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