Well, let me continue to say thank you to all at St. Francis for your ongoing kind welcome to me as I begin here. There is much to learn, and I suspect it will take some time for me to learn names and faces. This weekend, as I am sure you have noticed, is the weekend of our Annual Offertory pledge appeal, and it has of course come up quickly for me as I settle in. The Annual Offertory Appeal is an opportunity for all of us to consider, first of all, what we have received from God, all that we have and all that we are, as pure gift from God. And it’s an opportunity for us to consider our own   engagement at St. Francis and our own part in supporting the ministries here. Please read over the stewardship letter you will receive in the mail, pray over the letter, and consider your financial support of your parish.

One of the more fun parts of my week is visiting the Franciscan School.  One morning last week I was asked to come and read a gospel story to the kindergarten students. They were all gathered together in a classroom and they had a rocking chair ready for me. The children were engaged and full of questions and, at one point, I asked them if they knew any bible stories. One student raised her hand and said, yes, I know the story of Jonah and the whale. Well tell us that story, I asked her. She told it this way:  God was mad with Jonah because he wouldn’t do what God asked, so God put Jonah in a “time-out” in the whale for three days. What a great take on a classic bible story!

Fall is on the way, always a beautiful time of the year as the days begin to get shorter and cooler. There’s a sense of summertime coming to an end with everyone back from summer vacations. There’s also a sense of things starting up again, of all kinds of activity on our campus. What a great time of the year. Thank you again to all for your kindness and patience with me as I begin to learn my way around.

Blessings to all!

Fr. Steve

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