Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The early part of this week, Fr. Steve Patti (your new pastor) and I, along with Tricia Henry (Coordinator of Community Life) and Trey Morris (Volunteer Leader of our “Engagement” Strategic Initiative) will be in Dallas, Texas. This is part two of a four part series over two years hosted by Parish Catalyst, a non-profit organization helping pastors and leadership teams who are growing vibrant Catholic parishes. Parish Catalyst a platform for creative ideas in parish how to better engage our parishioners as disciples in the life of our parish community. We found it tremendously worthwhile, as it complemented the vision set forth by our Pastoral Council to engage all parishioners to take the next step in their faith while connecting with each other and our parish. This week the focus will be on leadership. It will also serve as a time of transition between Steve and me as I take off the mantle of leadership of the parish and he takes it on.

Thursday and Friday of this week, the pastoral staff will be on our summer retreat and therefore the pastoral staff offices will be closed except for emergencies. We’re fortunate that Bro. Loughlan Sofield, ST, will be our retreat leader. Loughlan is the author of many books including one that is required reading for the pastoral staff: Collaboration: Uniting Our Gifts in Ministry. A regular visitor to our parish, he always inspires with his call to holiness and wholeness.

I expect it will be a graced time for us as we’ll have the opportunity to reflect upon “transition” both within our lives and in the life of our parish. Please lift us up in your prayers this week and know of our prayers for you as well.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark




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