Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Congratulations to our high school graduates of the class of 2014. May God’s peace and blessings lead you into a future filled with hope whereby you continually deepen your faith as you journey through life.

Let us join with Pope Francis and people of good will throughout the world in praying for peace as our Holy Father joins with the presidents of Israel and Palestine today, Sunday, June 8 at the Vatican.

Throughout the season of Lent and Easter, have you noticed the words “Jesus draw me closer to you.” on the cover of the bulletin and in the worship aid on our website. Why? Through the 40 days of Lent and 50 days of Easter, it’s a reminder to offer this simple prayer to help each of us grow in our relationship with Jesus the Christ. Remember, we don’t draw ourself closer to Jesus, it’s God’s grace in us that makes that happen. Ask for that grace. Jesus, draw me closer to you through your cross and resurrection. Jesus, draw me closer to you through your gifts of the Holy Spirit. As the disciples received the gifts of Jesus’ Holy Spirit, may we continue to deepen our relationship with Jesus by calling upon and using these gifts. Wisdom helps us to know God’s will for our lives. Understanding enables us to appropriate the faith to make it our own. Knowledge allows us to come to know God better, that we may have a personal relationship with Jesus. Courage helps us to be courageous in the defense of our faith. Counsel aids us in making right judgments. Reverence assists us in being more prayerful, reverent, and growing in holiness. Fear of the Lord is a holy and healthy awe and reverence for God, the creator of heaven and earth.

Thank you for the many ways in which you use your gifts and talents to allow God’s Holy Spirit to become visible. Our bulletin, this weekly newsletter of the parish offers many suggestions and recommendations to stir into flame the gifts God has given us.  I invite you to deepen your relationship with Jesus this Pentecost and in the weeks ahead. “Jesus draw me closer to you.” He will, make no mistake about it.

May the Holy Spirit we celebrate this weekend, enflame our hearts with God’s love and instill our minds with God’s wisdom.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark

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