Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Congratulations to our boys and girls who join us at the altar today to celebrate their First Eucharist. Welcome to their families and friends, especially grandparents and godparents who join us for this special moment in the faith journey of our young people. In the gospel today, Thomas asks Jesus the question, “We do not know where you are going; how can we know the way?” And Jesus responds “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” I pray that throughout our lives, our young people, and indeed all of us, may celebrate the Eucharist Sunday after Sunday and deepen our relationship with Jesus who is our way, our truth, and our life.

Congratulations to the 8th grade class of 2014 from the Franciscan School. This Wednesday all are welcome to join in the Baccalaureate Mass at 9:00 am in the church. In the evening at 7:00 pm you’re also welcome to the commencement ceremony also in the church. On Friday morning, our youngest graduates will celebrate their first of many commencements as they complete pre-school and prepare to move onto kindergarten, where they will learn everything they need to know in life – a very important year. Congratulations to all!

Thank you for your welcome and hospitality to Bro. Casey Cole, O.F.M. who spoke to us about vocations last weekend.

Casey is completing his philosophy requirements as he prepares to study theology as a foundation for his formation to serve our Church as a Franciscan priest. In his reflection, he encouraged all of us to listen to the voice of Jesus and respond to our unique vocation. God calls each of us to respond to the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Please be open to this call in your life. For more information about the Franciscans, visit or for the Diocese of Raleigh

As previously noted, this past Tuesday the trees in our memorial garden were taken down for safety reasons as they had died or were dying. Gregg Mason has created a new design that the columbarium committee approved earlier this month. It will continue to improve the courtyard as a beautiful resting place for our loved ones and living space for us to visit. Though we contract our landscaping to Gregg, as a parishioner he takes great pride in our parish to ensure that from the moment a guest or parishioner steps onto our campus they are welcomed by the beautiful surroundings. By the end of June, the garden will be complete.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark


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