JustFaith Group 2013-14
We congratulate 11 new graduates of the JustFaith program, our latest emerging leaders in social justice ministry. JustFaith is an 8-month transformational spiritual journey that opens participants’ hearts to compassion for people who are poor or marginalized, educates about Catholic Social Teaching and inspires a commitment to work at a deeper level for peace and justice in the community.

A shout out to graduates Andrea Auclair, Peg Cavender, Doris Dzameshie, Jim Falanga, Charlie Felix, Lynn LeMay, Joan Monti, Dani Moore, Jim & Patty Packard and Chuck Small. Thanks also to Sharon Winzeler, who co-facilitated the group with Sheila Read, specialist in the Justice & Peace Office.

We were blessed to have a dynamic and diverse group of people who enriched the program greatly. Peg Cavender, liaison to Passage Home, said the interaction with the group was the best part of JustFaith for her. JustFaith helped increase her compassion to the people she encounters through Passage Home by dispelling stereotypes and confronting her with the realities of the day-to-day struggle of people who are homeless, such as the little-known fact that there is only one public bathroom available (without requiring you be a customer) in the entire downtown Raleigh area.

Time for Transformation
JustFaith is “intended to knock us out of our complacency and make usĀ  aware of stuff in this world that most of us turn a blind eye to,” Peg said. At the same time, the program makes us aware of the possibilities and limitations of what we can influence in the world and helps provide a framework for discerning what we as individuals are called to do.

JustFaith provides time and space for learning, deep reflection and spiritual transformation. The program confronts us with the pain of the world and the unequivocal core message of Jesus to care for the poor. But it also makes this pain easier to bear through the support of our Catholic faith, the inspiration of saints and leaders in social justice, and the tight-knit small group community that forms.

You Are Invited!
We invite those of you who haven’t participated in JustFaith to consider joining the 2014-15 group starting in September. And we ask you to keep this dedicated and compassionate group of recent graduates in your prayers as they continue to discern God’s call to be instruments of peace and justice.


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