You will notice a different format to our bulletin this week. As pastoral staff, we have tried to give you a glimpse into the meaning of the most important week of our faith: Holy Week. In the bulletin you will find practical descriptions of the days of this week, and ways to participate in these days, as we strive to draw closer to Jesus.

We also wanted to remind each other to follow the words of Pope Francis and “be an evangelizing community…bridging the distances” to meet people where they are.  In other words, we need to be evangelizers this week as we welcome many guests. Let us make them feel so welcome that they want to return. Be creative. If you’re able to walk easily, park at a distance. Introduce yourself to those sitting nearby. Help newcomers find their way. Plan to attend Mass in the Gym at the Assisi Community Center, leaving the church pews for those who are not accustomed to sitting in them. If someone doesn’t have a worship aid, share yours. Remember we all have gifts to share. Our guests have something to share and you have something to share with them.

Click here to view the bulletin for Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion.

Peace and all good.

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