By Jason Lillis, Family Life Coordinator

2013 Retreat Image - Kite 72x72In today’s gospel, Jesus is going from town to town, preaching, teaching, and healing those he meets. What we really hear about today is how knowing God – really having a relationship with the God who created us, loves us, and wants the best for us – is the hope that Christ has for us through his ministry.

A lot of the time, we get caught up in how to do certain actions that we are pretty sure we do for God in service of others. And that’s important! But let’s also remember Christ’s example: he acted in service to others, then went away from the crowds to pray and be present to God.

In our lives, our opportunities to really “get away” seem to be dwindling. The borders of connectivity between each other draw ever closer, and a mobile device can make it feel like a crowd is pressing in around us even when we are in the relative sanctuary of our homes, or even here at St. Francis.

So after the business of the next couple weeks (especially for back to school families) give yourself permission to unplug from connectivity for a little while. Turn off the devices – including your kids’ phones! – and spend some time together in stillness. Think less about your phone’s battery, and think a little about your soul’s battery being recharged by Christ.

Want a focused way to do this? Join the GLBT ministry on September 13-15 at Trinity Center on Emerald Isle for a final weekend at the beach before the cooler months settle in. We’ll talk about prayer, about forgiveness, and about the joy of our loving God. You can find more information at

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