By Jason Lillis, Coordinator of Family Life

What do you do when you come across something you need help to understand?

I usually find myself reacting by heading straight for the internet to try and find an explanation. I imagine that lots of us might think about doing that when we hear from the Book of Revelation (no “s” at the end, folks), as we try to understand John as he’s reporting his visions on the island of Patmos. Much as in the first reading for today from Acts, we usually go to those with experience to understand what it is God wants for us in our life of faith. Those mentors, in turn, are led by the Holy Spirit to help us best understand how to live the life of faith, then share that with the rest of the church. Jesus promises that this Holy Spirit will help us, and remind us of how.

In many ways, this is the kind of experience our Fully Engaged Ministry Team wants our engaged couples to have as they prepare for marriage. You know us, and have seen us here around church: our lives are busy, and our marriages aren’t flawless. Yet we trust that the Holy Spirit will lead us to share of our lives and our experiences with these couples in a way that leads them to better understanding of marriage.

We invite couples married 10 years or more to join our Fully Engaged Ministry Team, sharing your marriage experiences with our engaged couples by utilizing their results from a “Fully Engaged” premarital inventory. We meet with 6-8 engaged couples per year in your home or here at St. Francis. If you would like more information about our ministry, you can contact Jason Lillis at jason.lillis@stfrancisraleigh.org, or call him at 919-847-8205×244.

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