Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This weekend we’ve been fortunate to have Lateisha Sallah at the 9:30 and 11:30 am Masses share her story about how she has benefitted directly from the Bishop’s Annual Appeal and Rick Miller-Haraway speak about the good work of Catholic Charities here in the Raleigh Deanery at the other Masses.  The BAA provides direct financial support to those in need through more than 30 Diocesan ministries, whose primary functions are charity, evangelization, and worship. This year’s theme, Rooted in Faith: Revealed in Love, is a reminder of the responsibility each of us has to live out our baptismal call of serving one another as Jesus served.

In asking for support of this year’s appeal, Bishop Burbidge said, “Each year, parishes across the Diocese seek to carry out the teaching of Christ by participating in the BAA. When we reach out to serve the poor and defenseless in society, we are putting our faith into action, by caring for those in need through charity…. When we open the door of faith to others to know and love God, we are becoming joy-filled witnesses in bringing others to Christ through evangelization…. And when we nourish and strengthen our faith through the Holy Eucharist, we participate fully in the worship and celebration of the cross, aligning our suffering and those of others with Christ.  I encourage each of us to reflect upon the gifts God has given to our families over the past year and pray for discernment and guidance in determining our pledge for this year’s appeal.”

Last year, the 2012 BAA was combined with the Cathedral Campus Campaign allowing for one campaign rather than both the BAA and the Cathedral Campus Campaign being conducted in the same year.  While the BAA is normally conducted in January and February of each year, this year it’s being conducted in April/May since many parishes concluded their Cathedral Campus Campaign in December 2012.  To learn more about the 2013 BAA and view four short videos providing examples of your BAA contributions at work throughout the Diocese, click here.

Thank you to those who have contributed already to the BAA, and if you haven’t yet made your pledge, please do so in the upcoming week.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark


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