Sheep Lamb

By Jason Lillis
Family Life Coordinator

In today’s Gospel, the resurrected Christ asks Peter three times, “Do you love me?” Peter, still stung by shame from three times denying Jesus the night of his arrest, responds as many of us now do, by saying, “Lord, you know I love you!”  Christ responds to Peter – and to each of us – with the imperative to “Go, feed my sheep.”

While urban homesteading has gotten quite trendy over the past few years, Christ isn’t calling us to set up a pen in the back yard for a wayward lamb. He’s calling us to share a message of faith, hope, and love with the world around us. This imperative continues to motivate our parishioners to reach out in ministry to our community and our world. One of the ministries involved in reaching out in a special way is our GLBT Ministry ( As the vision for their ministry states:

In accordance with our parish mission statement, we reach out to provide spiritual nourishment for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their families and friends. We seek to affirm the intrinsic value and self-worth of all people and to welcome them into full participation in the faith community.

On May 4th, the GLBT Ministry will reach out to share the good news of our savior, Jesus Christ, and the holiness, hope, and hospitality offered here at our church with those attending the Out! Raleigh street festival. They will be sharing about the many ways we provide spiritual nourishment for GLBT parishioners, their families, and friends, especially through the activities we have coming up over the next year:

  • Our annual fall retreat, held this year on Sept 13-15 at Trinity Center (
  • Always our Children, our monthly confidential setting in which GLBT persons and parents, families and friends of GLBT persons support one another by sharing their concerns and experiences in a confidential and Catholic setting (
  • Our small Christian community “Out of the Tomb”, which meets during Advent and Lent
  • Our spring picnic at Umstead Park, this year on May 25th

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, or ways to support them with your time, skills, or prayers, please contact me at

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