Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thursday, February 28 marks the final day of Pope Benedict’s papacy.  As a way of giving thanks to God for the gift of his ministry of leadership and also to pray for the wisdom and guidance of the holy spirit during the upcoming conclave to elect a new pope, please join in a Mass of the Holy Spirit this Thursday evening at 7:30 pm in the church.

Almsgiving paves way for successful BAA.

The Diocese of Raleigh Bishop’s Annual Appeal which usually takes place during the early months of the year will begin in the Easter Season.  I am grateful to Adam McCarthy who has enthusiastically agreed to provide leadership for our 2013 BAA campaign.

On this 2nd Sunday of Lent, as we open our minds to penitential liturgies, it is important to remember the three traditional pillars of Lenten observance are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. It is in the spirit of this latter observance that we will soon  commence our Bishop’s Annual Appeal (BAA).  So what exactly is the BAA a new parishioner may ask? The BAA is an annual fundraising season conducted by each parish within the diocese that supports the needy (almsgiving), numerous ministries, Catholic formation and evangelization, Catholic Charities and much more.  Parishioner financial donations are ministry gifts that help feed hungry families, provide counseling services, professional development, and in some cases temporary housing.

This year, our guiding theme is Rooted in Faith, Revealed in Love with a focus on Charity, Evangelization, and Worship.  These 3 areas are well represented in the BAA mission, made possible only by your continued generosity.  More information will be forthcoming about upcoming family and fun-filled events open to all.  If you would like to volunteer for any of our exciting events or be on a committee, please contact Adam McCarthy at

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark

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