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by Jason Lillis
Coordinator of Family Life Ministry

Over the past couple weeks, we have heard the Gospel accounts of Christ’s first years on earth, and the ways that these new parents had to adjust their lives to best welcome him into the world. It’s interesting to read how much travel plays into these early years, of being on a journey from one way of life to another. We see many new parents here at St. Francis on similar journeys and the New Parent Care Ministry is here to offer them support!

Our ministry facilitates support for parents during the prenatal and postpartum periods. We focus on the “fourth trimester”, when new parents face the task of altering their lives to meet the needs of the new life they have brought into the world. We support the needs of parish families who have (or will soon have) newborn babies, primarily through the coordination of food deliveries and the facilitation of discussion/exchange of advice, tips, information, and support.

To volunteer of your time and talent by delivering meals to the two families we are currently supporting, please contact ministry leaders Joe and Kathleen Loos at, or, or visit our website,

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