Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Epiphany greetings of peace.

As we celebrate the gifts of the Magi and the manifestation of our God, I am excited to share with you that we recently received a wonderful and precious gift from Joany Condoret, stained glass artist and wife of the architect of our church, Jon Condoret (1934-2010).  The following was written by Pat Kowite, Coordinator of Finance and Administration and long serving pastoral staff member to introduce you to the art and the artist.

The symphony is now finished.  We have often heard of Schubert’s unfinished symphony which was never completed.  We didn’t realize that we, too, had an unfinished symphony until the missing pieces came to us in 2011.  When our new sanctuary was built in 1996, the architect, Jon Condoret, reconfigured the original church, adding tall windows to bring light into our new meeting spaces.  He didn’t realize that those windows would later frame his wife’s art.  Jon sometimes mentioned the stained glass windows Joany was creating.  Most were larger than life-size depictions of scriptural stories.  She created a total of 15 windows, all in the cubism style and influenced by windows in European cathedrals.

In 2011, Joany donated nine of her stained glass pieces to our faith community.  Most are now installed and ready to be enjoyed.  They can be seen in the windows of Anthony Hall.  You can find them in the small and large conference rooms and in Founders Room.  Another two pieces are in the process of being installed by parishioners Dick Dumas and Ray Martin in Clare Hall, just outside the Fellowship Hall.  Joany initially used colored glass in her windows.  Two of our windows, of St. Francis of Assisi and Mary Magdalene, reflect this early period in her art work.  She later used clear, patterned glass to symbolize the purity and clarity of her belief in God.  She was no longer pleased with the colored glass and felt the early pieces should be destroyed.  Fortunately, she did not do so.  Make your way over to Joany’s stained glass windows sometime.  Stand back and gaze at the design for a few moments so you can see all the artist conveys.  Joany’s designs grow on you as you become familiar with the depictions.  Together with Jon’s windows, they bring harmony to our surroundings.

I know you join me in expressing our abundant gratitude to Joany and her late husband Jon for sharing their artistic gifts with us that will continue to enhance our campus for years to come.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark

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