By Jason Lillis
Coordinator of Family Life Ministry

It’s hard not to smile when reading today’s verses from Paul’s letter to the Philippians. This comes from the beginning of that letter, and is a beautiful passage exemplifying the great admiration that Paul has for this community. He is writing from prison, much as he had been imprisoned in Phillipi after his first missionary journey into Europe. To be visited by someone from that community would, no doubt, bring back a flood of memories of ministry from years past. This is the way that I want to look back on the communities that I have been a part of: with excitement, joy, and a desire to continue encouraging its growth well after I have had to leave its physical proximity.

I’m reminded of what a wonderful witness to the life of faith is being lived out by our Young Adults Community here at St. Francis of Assisi, and the way that within our broader parish community. Here is a group in their 20s through mid-30s, young professionals and graduate students, single or engaged or married, striving to live out the life of faith that Paul is encouraging each of us to as they model Christ in the world.

The Young Adults Community does a great job of living out our parish Mission as part of their ministry:

– They create opportunities to grow in Holiness through their weekly Bible Study, every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM in Room 406 here at St. Francis
– They offer Hope to those in need, with food drives for local charities and by participating in the spring Mission Trip to Honduras for young adults in the Diocese of Raleigh.
– They extend Hospitality to everyone who joins them, creating a community that thrives not on cliques or inside jokes, but on real connection between fellow young adults.

Between 21 and 35 and looking for community here at St. Francis of Assisi? Check out http://bit.ly/SFAYAC for more information about the Young Adults Community, our upcoming events, and our Facebook page!

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