Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As the month of November begins, we  remember our deceased loved ones and faithful departed.  Remembering here is more than “recalling” our loved ones (although that may well be part of our   celebrations); our remembering the faithful departed is broader than that.  Our remembering in the month of November enables us to enter into the very mystery the faithful departed now live: whatever happens to the faithful who have believed and died, will happen to us.  Remembering, then, is a way to express our faith and hope.  By uniting ourselves with the faithful departed, we embrace the mystery which we cannot understand: we embrace    eternal life.  We become the gift Jesus returns to his Father.

This past week I joined the many who voted early – if you have not yet cast your vote I urge you to do so this Tuesday.  Unfortunately, last weekend at some Masses, a woman (caught on our security video cameras which cover the parking lots and entrances to our buildings) went through the parking lot leaving political flyers.  Such flyers are unauthorized and prohibited and do not reflect Catholic Church teaching or an approach to Faithful Citizenship as espoused by our Church.  For information about forming your conscience to vote you may access:

From the Diocese of Raleigh

From the Franciscans of Holy Name Province

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark

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