left to right; Fr. Mark, Fr. David, Marylynn Kaus and Fr. David Convertino, OFM, representing the Minister Provincial


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

During the course of our celebration of the Feast of Francis earlier this month, we friars were privileged to present the Francis Medal of Holy Name Province to Marylynn Kaus in recognition of her tremendous support to the friars and playing a crucial role in the early founding of our parish.  Marylynn served in many capacities on the pastoral staff in the early years of the parish, always offering insight and wisdom to the friars.  Marylynn has been instrumental in helping our parishioners answer the Lord’s call and employ their gifts to take an active and responsible part in the mission of the Church.  Marylyn has served on the pastoral council, been an ardent supporter of the Growing In Faith Together expansion project, and has been involved in many of the outreach ministries of the parish.  The Francis Medal recognizes her generosity of spirit, service, along with her witness to the values and ideals of St. Francis.  In accepting the Francis Medal Marylynn said, “this award actually belongs to all the volunteers who gave so much and who made the programs, and consequently Jesus, come to life. I am deeply touched and also very grateful to be able to be a small part of this vibrant community of faith.”

On October 11, 2012 Pope Benedict XVI kicked off the Year of Faith with a liturgy at St. Peter’s in Rome.  Bishop Burbidge opened the Year of Faith for the Diocese of Raleigh at the Catholic Convocation Mass Saturday morning October 20.  Our parish’s Year of Faith celebration begins this weekend at all our liturgies and continues with a keynote presentation by Fr. Ken Himes, O.F.M. Sunday evening at 7:00 pm in the Church.  Ken is an engaging and dynamic speaker who will address both the opening of the Second Vatican Council and Faithful Citizenship in light of the upcoming elections.  I really encourage you to come and participate in this worthwhile lecture – you’ll be glad you did.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark



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