By Jason Lillis, Family Life Coordinator

Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like to have Adam’s role in naming the companions God first sets out in today’s reading from Genesis. No prior knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, or medicine would have prepared me for that task. What would I do when I was faced with a giraffe for the first time? How long would I need to walk alongside the it, observe its habits, diet, and ways of interacting with other giraffes before I could proclaim, definitively, “Giraffe!”, instead of calling it “Spider!”? It could take untold years before I would name all these companions.

How much more so when coming face to face with the final companion created for Adam? This new thing that has long arms and legs, walks upright, and appears to observe the world with similar senses to me – my proclamation would be of joy as well! Yet from all the experience of walking and observing the other companions, would my joy be tempered by the knowledge that I would be entering into another long journey with this new companion? Probably not! For in this new companion, I do not have a mute, chittering, or roaring companion. I have one with whom I can share everything: from my love of particular foods in the garden (“This one is a bell pepper!”), to sharing the joy of being in the presence of God… and that companion could share back with me! It is a journey that we would walk together, in the company of God, discovering, naming, and creating life together.

That is how I often think of marriage: that wife and husband walk together with God, discovering new wonders while moving from place to place, naming those things that leave the deepest impression upon their life together, and creating new life to share with each other and the world on their journey of marriage. I invite the married couples of our community to join me in celebrating your time on the journey of marriage at the Wedding Anniversary Masses offered on Saturday and Sunday.

· – On Sunday, October 14th, Bishop Michael J. Burbidge invites those celebrating 25, 50, and 50+ years of marriage at The Church of St. Mark in Wilmington at 4:00 PM. Please rsvp to me by visiting

· – On Saturday, October 13th, the Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi invites all married couples to a celebration of their wedding anniversaries in the St. Mary of the Angels Chapel at 11:00 AM. Please rsvp to me by visiting

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