Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many thanks to Jim Wahl, our pastoral musician for his energetic and thoughtful presentation on growing in holiness as disciples of Jesus Christ.  At the end of his presentation at many of the masses, he invited us to join him in singing a song he wrote to help us pray our new mission statement.  We are fortunate to have Jim leading us in music and sharing his many gifts and talents with us as a fellow pilgrim and disciple of Jesus.  If you have musical talent, please give Jim a call and let him help you share your gifts with the parish.

Last weekend we began our annual Offertory Pledge Appeal. This is an opportunity for each of us to renew our annual covenant to St. Francis of Assisi as we are asked for our continued full and active participation in the life of our parish by thoughtful, prayerful financial support through our pledge to the Annual Offertory Appeal.  By your on-going generous support, we continue to be faithful to our mission of growing in Holiness, offering Hope to those who hunger for human dignity, and extending Hospitality to all.

As detailed in the recent Parish Annual Report,offertory for the past several years has been flat largely due to a lingering, deep recession.  Beginning in 2013, we will need to grow our offertory by 3% annually for three years to fund our capital program of monthly mortgage payments, early principal payments, and deferred capital maintenance. And do this while maintaining our commitment to those who hunger and thirst during these difficult times.

If you are able to increase your offertory pledge, accept the thanks of our faith community.  I also encourage you to participate in our Automatic Bank Draft program as a safe and convenient method to meet your financial commitments to the parish.

Please prayerfully consider the renewal of your financial commitment to the Annual Offertory Appeal by completing the pledge card portion or the Automatic Bank Draft portion to initiate your participation.

Please contact should you have questions regarding Automatic Bank Draft.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark

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