The Franciscan Care of Creation Ministry helped raise many voices from this parish in advocacy.

The current proposed legislation in North Carolina on hydraulic fracture mining (fracking) has gone through the House and Senate quickly.  The main concern is the rush to approve fracking when many alarming questions remain about its safety and benefits.

Despite the short notice, the ministry gathered 114 signatures and promptly delivered them to the Governor’s office Monday morning.

In related news, The Justice Theater Project finished its run of “Light on the Horizon,” and original work by Artistic Director and parishioner Deb Royals.  The play brought into personal view the destructive impact of the BP oil spill on both the environment as well as the rich Cajun culture of southern Louisiana.

The final showing also featured a pre-show talk by Joel Bourne, award winning journalist and author of the 2010 cover story “The Spill” for National Geographic Magazine.  He said that the rush for profits created a system where many standards and safeguards were either avoided or violated altogether on many different levels.  The rush to bring hydraulic fracking to North Carolina is a direct parallel—a perfect storm for further environmental disasters both big and small.

In Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, the USCCB writes that “We have a moral obligation to protect the planet on which we live—to respect God’s creation and to ensure a safe and hospitable environment for human beings.”

Does this look like good stewardship?

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