Looking for a small faith group?

Need some time and space to sort through complicated social issues with others?

Feel called to integrate your faith and life more deeply?

JustFaith is a thirty-week adult formation program for people of faith to experience the spiritual journey into compassion.

This program was first introduced nationally in 2001, and since then, more than 1000 parishes and churches around the country have offered this enriching process to their congregations.  The Catholic Community of St. Francis has graduated over eighty parishioners since our first offering in 2002.

With a combination of prayer, readings, videos, discussion, and immersion trips, JustFaith is bound to be a very engaging journey.  The early weeks of this program focus on better understanding the God of compassion and justice in scripture, especially seeing Jesus as one who reaches out to the poor and marginalized.  With a thorough investigation of the rich social teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, the participants also look at several complicated social issues like domestic and global poverty and racism and discuss how to respond as individuals and a parish community.

It is often said that Catholic Social Teaching is “the best kept secret in the Church”—come find out what this secret is all about!

JustFAITH changes people…

Those people change the WORLD.

 The following are some reflections from recent graduates of JustFaith:

“Just Faith has opened my eyes and made me look outside of my own little world.” — Laura Priest

“After being with children all day long, this is my adult time!  Small groups can be so meaningful especially at a parish this large.” — Caroline MacGabhann

“JustFaith has helped me connect with some like-minded folks.  Because of JustFaith, I am taking baby steps to question my actions and how my actions will affect my neighbors.” — Greg Spuhler

“As a social worker, I thought I was adequately informed regarding social issues.  However, Just Faith weekly sessions has deepened and broadened my knowledge and understanding regarding social issues.  In fact, I found I was blind to many social injustices that go on day after day right in front of my eyes–and some in which I actually participate in.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to do some much needed soul searching regarding the way I live in society.” — Kathy Honeyman

“The best part of the JustFaith journey for me is the relationships that have formed amongst the members in the group. I looked forward to our meetings every week and didn’t want them to end.  Not a day went by that I didn’t bring up with my family something that we had talked about or something that I read or viewed in the videos. It changed the way I make decisions, and it has also changed my family.” — Jill Balogh

“Participating in “Just Faith” has reminded me of our church’s rich tradition on social justice issues and has broadened my thinking about complex challenges facing our world.  I am still discerning how this deepened sense of a calling to be in community with the poor will play out in actions.  I am grateful to my fellow participants who have shared this unique journey.” — Gretchen Solomon

It has been a very popular program at the parish over the years, and participants have noted that even though the time commitment seems large at first, the weeks fly by!

If you are interested in participating in Just Faith in 2012-13, contact Sheila Read at 919-847-8205 ext. 420, sheila.read@stfrancisraleigh.org.  Sessions will start in the fall.

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