Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This weekend at the Sunday 9:30 am Mass, we celebrate the retirement of Mrs. Nancy Bourke, founding director of our preschool.  Nancy has been at St. Francis for 21 years, with the Diocese of Raleigh for 25 years, and in education for 43 years.  I am grateful for the leadership she has provided to our church. Nancy has been a tremendous gift to our parish, to the students who have passed through the Preschool’s doors, and maybe most especially to the parents who have entrusted their children to Nancy.

The first students Nancy taught are now graduating from college and beginning careers.   Parents are the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith and Nancy has assisted our parents in building a foundation for our students during their preschool days, helping them deepen their faith as an everyday part of growing and attending our preschool program.  As founder of the program, she has nourished countless families in faith formation and parenting skills and has been instrumental in creating long-lasting communities through her ministry of evangelization.

As a way of recognizing Nancy’s leadership and legacy, The Nancy Bourke Scholarship Fund has been established in honor of Nancy’s dedicated service to our parish.  The fund will provide assistance to families with financial limitations who wish to enroll their children at St. Francis of Assisi Preschool.

Please consider a gift to the Nancy Bourke Scholarship Fund.  Brochures are available in the Stewardship Center.  For more information, or to make a donation, email Sue Mathys at or call her at 919-847-8205×222.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark

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