Just Faith groups have been meeting for several years at the parish.  They have been a proven model of conscience formation and personal engagement.  Participants are often awestruck and transformed as they go through the program.  Many folks report that a 30-week series seems like an enormous obligation at first, but the time goes by very quickly and they have found that it is not an obstacle at all—in fact, they are sad when it comes to an end!

As Leon Cooke says, “Participating in the Just Faith program has sharpened my awareness of the Catholic Church’s position on social justice issues and prompts me to become more active in carrying out Christ’s call to take care of the poor and underrepresented.  My fellow participants in the program have made it easier to express myself and share each other’s experiences regarding social justice.”

The groups this year will be wrapping up at the beginning of May, with the next sessions starting in the fall.  You can reserve a spot now by contacting Sheila Read at 847-8205 x420 or sheila.read@stfrancisraleigh.org!  Meeting times are scheduled around participants’ availability, so morning, evening or weekend options are all possible.

“Participating in JustFaith has reminded me of our church’s rich tradition on social justice issues and has broadened my thinking about complex challenges facing our world,” say Gretchen Solomon, a current participant.  “I am still discerning how this deepened sense of a calling to be in community with the poor will play out in actions.  I am grateful to my fellow participants who have shared this unique journey.”

As Kathy Honeyman, who is one of the facilitators for this year’s group, remarks, “Just Faith is transforming.  The group experience, along with superb documentaries and reading materials, helped me examine social issues in a new light.  I highly recommend it.”

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Just Faith also offers shorter study circles in 4-10 week formats.  This is a perfect time way to get to know a particular issue, and we will be using their materials heavily in our Faithful Citizenship offerings!  In the spring, we are offering study circles on Immigration and another on Global Climate Change!  Contact Sheila Read (info above) for more information!

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