by Kathleen Owen, Coordinator of Care & Wellness

In reading the Gospel for this week, I experienced a real sense of chaos. Outside, the trees are blooming and there is a feeling of rebirth after the barren months of even a light winter, but the readings are dark – recounting feelings of resolve, betrayal and bleak prospects.  

This sense of chaos must have been apparent to Jesus as he entered Jerusalem. In Israel, the winter rains were over and the barley harvest had started. People were preparing to celebrate Passover. But Jesus was feeling betrayal and dread. One of His disciples is plotting to hand Him over to those who wished Him harm.  In the midst of this, one woman steps forward to show kindness to Jesus. She offers precious oil to anoint Him and He promises that “what she has done will be told in memory of her.”

So often in life we have that tension, when things seem good, but inside we feel afraid, betrayed and lost. Spouses leave, friends fall away, health erodes, and loved ones die. In the swirl of trying to keep going and “set my face like flint,” it’s hard to see past my own suffering. That’s why the image of the woman with the alabaster jar is poignant. She sacrificed the precious oil to comfort someone in need.

If you feel the chaos building in your life, you don’t have to face it alone. The ministries of Care & Wellness are here to share the walk with you and to offer the gifts of time and compassion. For more information, contact Kathleen Owen at 847-8205, ext 241.

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