Las Margaritas II, Guatemala

Feb 10-20 2012

Christina Freitag with her host family

By Christina Freitag

I was looking for a way to become involved at St Francis of Assisi for quite a long time. There are so many great ministries offered here and it can be labor intensive and a little overwhelming researching them all. When I received the email asking for more delegates to join the Sister Parish Ministry on a delegation to Guatemala, I knew that was a sign from God!

The entire preparation process was amazing! From attending the Sister Parish meetings, to participating on phone calls to the village, to going to the retreat with all the delegates, to the prep time in Guatemala City. But nothing touched me more than simply sharing each day with the people of Las Margaritas II in their humble village and the generosity that abounds by all.

What a totally awesome experience and I can say first hand, like we sing during Mass, that my heart has formed, my mind transformed, and my will conformed!  I can not wait to return to my friends in Las Margaritas II!

Mike Hutchinson with host family: Matilda, Romero and their children

By Mike Hutchinson

The anticipating was building as we touched down in Guatemala City.  I prayed to God that I would make it through the night, not knowing what to expect!  I felt the village calling to us from hundreds of miles away.  As we arrived in the village, we were enthusiastically welcomed.

I spent 5 days getting to know and love my host family, and it was the most transformative moment in my life.  I felt things that I didn’t know I could feel and saw things that I did not think could be real because of this trip.  This 11 day trip could put my whole 35 year life in perspective in a way that I never could have imagined.  Guatemala will always hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget the people that I met and came to love while I was there.  I’m hoping for a reunion!

Fr. Emmet and Mike Hutchinson with their host family at a goodbye gathering

By Fr. Emmet Murphy

Scripture reminds us of the “joys of simplicity.”  This was certainly true during our Sister Parish visit to Las Margaritas II, Guatemala.  I came home from a beautiful land and plece where I learned how close God is to his people.  Their joy, acceptance and reliance on the Lord have taught me a great lesson.  I shall always be grateful for having met these brothers and sisters of mine.

You can hear more stories, see great photos and enjoy delicious food at the Sister Parish Fiesta!  Come join us in celebrating our delegates in their return from a successful journey to our sister parish in Guatemala, Las Margaritas II. Saturday, March 31st following the 5:30 PM Mass in the Founders room. 

(L-R): Fr. Emmet Murphy, Jim Mong, Christina Freitag and Mike Hutchinson

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