Peg Cavender and Jeanne Tedrow

Parish ministry leader Peg Cavender gave a presentation and accepted an award on behalf of The Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi this past Wednesday.  The event was the annual 3C’s Breakfast sponsored by Passage Home—a time to honor congregations, corporations and community partners.  The parish was the recipient of the “Faith in Action” award.

Peg leads the way in mobilizing the time, talent and treasure of this parish community in meeting the needs and requests of the people served by Passage Home.  She is a consistent “go to” person.  Her reliability and ability to muster up resources help make this parish community a great collaborative partner for this organization.

Under Peg’s leadership, the parish provided gifts of clothing, toys and others essentials for 60 families this past December through the Advent Giving Tree.  There was recently a toiletries drive to serve the homeless.  Coming up is the annual Easter Egg Hunt, where the parish will help provide food and other supplies for this event.

Also recognized as an important partner is the St. Francis Feeds Ministry, led by parishioner Donna Mariani.  On the third Sunday of each month, parishioners serve a spaghetti dinner to residents in southeast Raleigh at Passage Home’s Safety Club.  Between 80-180 people are served at each meal.

Jeanne Tedrow, parishioner and co-founder, leads this organization as Executive Director serving over 1,000 people annually through its many diverse programs.  Highlights include a prison re-entry program, neighborhood revitalization projects, substance abuse recovery, and youth development initiatives over the 21-year history of this organization.

Jeanne Tedrow

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