On March 5, 2012, Fr. Bill McConville joined 15 men from our parish at the monthly Men’s Ministry Breakfast. He shared with us 6 challenges that shape the life of faith and draw us closer to God.

  1. Presence: Everything is rooted in the profound reality of God’s Nearness
  2. Purposeful: Love is an action word. If we waited until “we feel like it”, we wouldn’t do much of worth
  3. Prayer: Being present to God as God is present to us
  4. Patience: Our lives are lived in time and with others, which can be both blessing and burden
  5. Persistence: With God, we commit to doing the right, just, and charitable thing even when it isn’t emotionally satisfying
  6. Peace: A vital and life-giving communition exists when the inner and external life work in concert

The St. Francis of Assisi Men’s Ministry meets for breakfast on the first Monday of each month, and hosts a retreat each fall.

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