By Kathleen Owen, Coordinator of Care and Wellness

In today’s Gospel, the Spirit led Jesus into the desert where he was cared for by angels as He was surrounded by evil.  He emerged unscathed and went forth proclaiming the Gospel, which means “good news.” Many have followed this example of retreating from daily life in order to gain perspective and see things anew, to plan for a better future. In fact,  retreat is defined as “movement away from danger” and “back along the original route.”

Events occur in each of our lives that make us feel as if life has retreated from us or that we have stepped into uncharted territory.  Life has taken on an unfamiliar form.  One of the most isolating experiences can be the loss of a loved one. Old habits are broken and it’s hard to think of moving ahead.  It’s hard to re-form old patterns. If you’re walking in grief, please consider joining our Living with Loss support group. This six week series offers videos, reflections, readings and group discussions to help ease the pain of loss.  The sessions start on Wednesday, February 25, from 7-9pm in the Padua Room. To register, visit For more information, contact Robin Nilsson at 740-7411.

If you’re not able to attend, but would like to get more information on moving forward in your life, please contact Kathleen Owen at 847-8205 ext. 241 or

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