By Kathleen Owen, Coordinator of Care and Wellness

Centuries ago, before medicine became rooted in science sick people often went to priests for healing. Some cultures believed that illness was an indication that the person was out of favor with God.  In the Jewish culture, if the priest found that the person was ill [unclean], the sick were to isolate themselves until they were healed. After all, it was for the benefit of the greater community.

When Jesus began healing people, the results were immediate and stunning. The sores of the lepers were instantly healed. Those with fever immediately rose and began serving others. The sick weren’t banished; they were immediately brought back into the community and they resumed their place in society.

Many people sought a cure from Jesus. They wanted to be cleansed, relieved of the burden of their illness.  Jesus offered something more –  He offered healing, returning the person to their place within the community, restoring them to wholeness through their faith that He was the Messiah.

Centuries later, our society has transitioned to the medical model. It is a model based in science, and committed to the treatment of symptoms. The goal is to be disease-free. A common term for this in medical circles is “treat and street.” But sometimes being free of disease doesn’t restore a person to wholeness or to their previous place in society. The fear, the scars and the results of treatment sometimes seem worse than the cure.

If you’re struggling to regain a sense of wholeness in your life, the Care and Wellness office stands ready to walk with you. There are many ministries able to reach out and help you keep your place in life. We too are offering Jesus’ healing touch by helping you stay connected to our faith community. And if you’ve had the gift of healing yourself, consider reaching out to help others. And please, go out and tell everyone of the power of faith to heal.

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